123 Financial Services - Medical Aid: 3 steps to better MEDICAL AID!

3 Steps to Better Medical Aid

  1. Simply fill in your details
  2. Receive expert quotes and advice
  3. Save on your current contribution

Why You Should Use Us

  • Choose an affordable monthly premium that
    suits your individual needs
  • Save up to 30% by choosing in-and-out-
    of-hospital providers
  • No face to face necessary
  • Receive wellness, travel & leisure
    discounts for staying healthy

Medical Finance!

We understand how much an elective medical procedure can change lives for the better but we know that these procedures can be costly and are not always covered by medical aid. That’s why we’re here.

  • We Provide medical loans for a variety of medical and cosmetic surgery procedures
  • Easy repayment terms with competitive interest rates
  • No down payments or early settlement penalties
  • Simple, easy to complete application

How Medical Finance Works

Incred Medical Finance offers loans between R10,000 and R150,000 at interest rates of between 18% and 28% p.a. Loan terms are between 6 months and 36 months.

All you need to do is complete an application form and send us the following supporting documents:

  1. Most recent 3 months bank statements
  2. Copy of ID document
  3. Most recent salary slip
  4. Proof of residential address (phone account or utility account)

We will assess your application within 48 hours and get back to you.

All the medical or financial information supplied to Incred is treated in the strictest of confidence.

If your medical loan is approved we would pay the doctor/hospital on your behalf and then deduct a monthly debit order from your bank account as a repayment.
You may choose any doctor to perform your procedure, the doctors on our panel are there for your convenience only.

Now you can easily afford that procedure!

Here are some of our most popular procedures. If you can’t find what you’re looking for please browse through our “Procedures” pages.

Remember – we offer finance for ALL medical procedures, not just those listed on the website, so feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

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